MBG Holdings, Inc.

MBG Holdings is the holding company for AMR Resources, LLC, dba Multiband Global. and OnePath systems llc.

MBG Holdings Inc. builds invests in and acquires fantastic telecom, smart city, fiber, and staff augmentation business.


While our primary mission at MBG Holdings is to pioneer and transform the technology industry through innovative and sustainable solutions, we also hold shareholder value in high regard. We believe that by delivering top-quality products and services, we can drive sustainable growth and value for our shareholders. Our approach to achieving this objective is through a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs, coupled with our unmatched expertise in fiber, 5G solutions, IT asset disposition, and e-waste recycling. By focusing on keeping our clients connected, secure, and efficient, we have created a strong foundation for future growth and success. With our values of integrity, excellence, and social responsibility at the forefront, we are committed to consistently delivering superior results for our shareholders and clients alike.


Our vision is a world where everyone is connected through sustainability and innovation. Where everyone can have the opportunity to connect when they need to most. We strive to play a leading role in making this a reality.


Our purpose centers around our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive smarter and safer communities. Through our subsidiary Multiband Global, the company leverages its expertise in cutting-edge technology to build, install, and service networks and poles, with a particular focus on 5G and fiber solutions.

“This name change more accurately reflects who MBG Holdings, Inc is as a company. We are forward-looking into the telecom space with industry-leading innovations. This signifies a major update from the old “metal recycling” to a fresh update for the company. We are focused on IT services and telecom, and as such we want the stockholders to easily identify us,”

James Frinzi, Chairman and CEO of MBG Holdings, Inc.

Family of Brands

MultiBand Global

Builds, installs, commissions, and services networks and towers, specializing in 5G solutions,  IT asset disposition (ITAD) and eWaste recycling, and a variety of integrated tech services. Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians’ spearheads innovations in technology, 5G and 4G fixed access points, Wi-Fi Mesh, and the IT/Network Lifecycle.

One Path Systems

Business Process Outsourcing Turnkey Onsite Installation And Maintenance, Technical Integration, Program and Operational Services for the Defense, Government and Commercial Enterprise Marketplace

Example of our MultiBand Global Fiber team in action.